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Habits in our meetings and working relationships help each of us get through the day – but they also limit us. So let go of what is no longer helpful and learn new skills and ways of working. I hope these articles and videos will nudge your thinking and help you in your work in civil society.


Hello hello hello ... One breath feedback ... Give time checks ... A photo of a VIP ... Getting a move on with Usain Bolt ... Plans for the meeting are in chaos ... There are a couple of dozen videos here and there’s sure to be one with a message for you.

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Meeting Together

Meeting Together, the book

Published in 2006, Meeting Together (86pp) contains wisdom, tips and ideas about meetings in an engaging, readily digestible, sometimes funny and always insightful way. The 5Ps+1 is a simple tool for checking you’ve got everything covered – before, during and after the magic moment of your next meeting.

Email Martin for a 5Ps+1 card or download 5Ps+1.

Governance magazine

From 2007 to January 2014 Martin Farrell wrote Under the BoardTalk for Governance magazine. This regular column looked in a light-hearted, but nevertheless serious way, at some of the more subtle issues facing trustee boards in the UK and from 2013 internationally.


Third Sector magazine (UK)

Our habits influence how effectively we can bring positive change to the not-for-profit sector. Now is the time to reflect on individual and organisational habits and make a decision to change those that serve neither us nor our beneficiaries. With this series of articles in the UK’s Third Sector magazine, I hope to bring readers face to face with their demons. It will be scary, unsettling and difficult. You will wish you hadn’t started and had just carried on as normal...


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