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Is your time sapped by endless emails? Try a new strategy

5 November 2014

Organising emails into different levels of priority and dealing with them at specific intervals allows you to give more attention to the things that really matter

Martin Farrell

Every day, without fail, they pour in. Long ones, short ones, clear ones, garbled ones. They inform, they demand, they remind. Each one occupies but the tiniest space on the planet, yet our emails weigh heavily on our minds. Our inboxes fill up. However fast we bail out, they just keep on coming and we sink deeper into the morass.

Allowing our email inbox to dominate our days steals our precious attention away from doing what really matters – giving attention to those we seek to serve. We must do better than this – and we can. Bad email habits hurt.

So here are some ways to start to manage your inbox and improve the way you manage your attention. This is just some of the good practical advice given by those helpful people at Think Productive, a partner of get2thepoint.

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