Martin Farrell

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There are a couple of dozen videos here and there’s sure to be one with a message for you.

Hello hello hello ... One breath feedback ... Give time checks ... A photo of a VIP ... Getting a move on with Usain Bolt ... Plans for the meeting are in chaos ...

Ask Martin videos

Meeting Essentials Part 1

One breath feedback. An entertaining and practical way to give focussed feedback

Give time checks, and end the meeting on time, even a bit early

Plans for the meeting are in chaos. Do these things to survive and thrive

Hello hello hello. Open the meeting in a safe and engaging way

There's a noise in my head. Notice how having a noisy filter in your head makes it hard to engage

Let's hear from everybody. Ways to help people get engaged (in a meeting)

A photo of a VIP. A simple way to boost engagement in hybrid meetings (some people in the room some remote

Big name badges. See participants names without any embarrassing staring

Ready to close the year. Reflecting on smiles and struggles with full attention

Finding a way through a painful meeting with FFF (with I for Insight in the middle)

Start the meeting well before it starts. Get people thinking well before the day of the meeting

Chair's primary role is ... to chair the meeting. No more muddling process and content

Facilitation: transform a meeting and change a world - the bit of the world which is close to you, which you care about

Having a world in your head can get messy. Yes ... No ... Maybe? Coaching can help you get things straight

Meeting Together well

Interview and Events videos

Explore the vast potential of virtual meetings - the sky’s the limit

Indaba, a traditional meeting process, has been powering UN climate negotiations since 2011. Salwa Dallalah speaks with Martin Farrell

What skills does a facilitator have? Wszechnica, Krakow

Getting a move on with Usain Bolt. Manage time, move people on, place your ideas in this bag

This is how organisations and teams can benefit from facilitation Wszechnica, Krakow

Discover the highest future possibility - for you and your group

Facilitation is a powerful multi-purpose tool. Wszechnica, Krakow

Me to we ... inside outside. Deeply connecting our inner and outer worlds

Hey let's have a meeting. Introducing Meeting Together Well in Calgary

Practicing co-facilitation. Four hands on the wheel?

This short film from Marc von Seters presences four perspectives on facilitative leadership world-wide