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Get2thepoint facilitation: transform a meeting, change a world

Meeting together is a natural part of being human. Strains and struggles are part of being human too. This means that skill, care and attention is needed to really meet together well.

With over two decades of facilitation practice and as a Certified Professional Facilitator | Emeritus, I am ready to help your group, team, organisation rise to become the very best it can be as it creates a better world for those you care about.

Working with you and alongside you, I can facilitate your meeting, conference or gathering large or small, virtually or in person anywhere in the world. I will design a tailormade process which fits like a glove and the meeting will get to the point you need to get to. So that every meeting can take you one step closer to the better world you are trying to build. Transform a meeting, change a world.

Coaching through crisis: some time to think

We’re overloaded and close to running on empty. There’s just too much going on and with mess and muddle in our heads, we can neither think clearly nor act effectively. I know that place.

My coaching practice builds on the deep listening I have learned during sessions with Nancy Kline of Time to Think over 14 years since our first meeting in 1999; in our coaching sessions, she helped me to discover a courageous clarity of thinking, word and action. Engaged by the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations (ACEVO) since 2002 I have coached many hundreds of charity CEOs through crisis (see quotes). My practice has been further enhanced by the wisdoms I have absorbed from the teachings of Thích Nhất Hạnh and of the Presencing Institute.

Drawing on both my professional and personal experience, I can help you see through the struggle of the past and present, so you can begin to see a way through to a better future. Virtual, in person, at short notice, one off sessions, several or more, UK or worldwide, whatever the challenge... it’s all possible.

Yes, no, maybe

Useful resources

Habits in our meetings and working relationships help each of us get through the day – but they also limit us. So let go of what is no longer helpful and learn new skills and ways of working. I hope these articles and videos will nudge your thinking and help you in your work in civil society.

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