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Client quotes


‘This retreat has been different from others I’ve been on. We went on a strategic hike and you helped us find our way.’ David Waskow, Director of World Resources Institute’s International Climate Initiative, referring to Martin’s facilitation of the International Climate Action 3½ day retreat March 2023

‘Martin worked with me on bringing together our Board of Trustees and Senior Management Team to develop and shape a new, ambitious strategy for Youth Options. As the new CEO to the charity, and with the previous senior leadership team with a combined 55 years of experience at Youth Options, Martin skilfully steered us through a series of facilitated away days which engaged everyone, giving credit to where the charity had come from but enabling us to develop an ambitious forward looking plan. On a personal level, Martin supported me to help navigate new relationships and help make my mark in leading the organisation through significant change. I can thoroughly recommend Martin both as a facilitator and as a coach.’ Madeleine Durie, CEO Youth Options June 2023, commenting on Martin’s engagement in 2021, 2022

‘As a result of you facilitating a workshop, the many different participating stakeholders from around the globe felt more aligned than ever and fully energized to engage in progressing work. My team got a new mandate to operate by overcoming roadblocks. Your ability to create and execute a plan how to bring people into one room with a prepared mindset for alignment was critical to deliver these results. During the facilitation you and your colleague Susanne Conrad guided with calm attitude and firm dedication. Right after you followed up to keep the momentum going. All of this together left us with a lasting result which we are very grateful for.’ Andreas Kratz, Director Global Products, Programs & Policy, Fairtrade International, January 2022 referring to workshop in October 2021

‘The pro bono work that Martin did for the [IAF] Board was high quality and because he brought his whole self into the facilitation, he was able to get a very diverse Board moving towards key agreements. ... He got us to evolve 9 key focus areas that formed the core of the Board’s strategy ... because of the ease he brings to the room and the people in it, the work itself was enjoyably done. I would recommend Martin wholeheartedly [as] a facilitator to work with senior teams on issues that need consensus and energetic focus to build that consensus into actual outcomes.’ Full testimonial Noel Tan Chair, International Association of Facilitators (IAF) commenting (in 2020) on Martin Farrell’s facilitation of IAF annual board meetings 2016 and 2017 (Mexico City and Toronto)

‘Thank you so much for everything! Your facilitation was brilliant today, and over the last two days, not to mention the last 9 months. Absolutely brilliant and absolutely invaluable. I hate to think where we’d have ended up without you. Thanks!’ Frank Geary, outgoing Freemuse board member, November 2018

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‘This has been by far the best regional workshop I've been to in 15 years.’ Participant at the Transparency International End of Project Evaluation Workshop, Istanbul, October 2018

‘I am very happy with your support and doubt that the meeting in Istanbul would have been such a success without your help!’ Mona Niemeyer, Programme Coordinator, Transparency International, October 2018

‘You were brilliant.’ ‘Thank you Martin – I’ve learnt some good tips about how to keep meetings to time.’ Rachel Reeves MP and Seema Kennedy MP, Co-Chairs of the Jo Cox Commission at the launch of ‘The Cost of Loneliness to UK Employers’ report, February 2017

‘This was the best facilitated session I’ve ever been to.’ Juliet Michaelson lead author of the report ‘The Cost of Loneliness to UK Employers’, February 2017

‘At the 2016 IAF Oceania Conference, Martin Farrell delivered the best close-out session of any conference I have ever attended. He absolutely nailed the choice of method, clear delivery of instructions and reading the room then adapting to the timing. I plan on learning from his experience and using his technique myself in future.’ Jeannine Bayne, May 2016, QLD / NT Chapter Vice President, National Association of Women in Construction (Australia)

‘In 20 years of event managing my conferences with Martin Farrell are the only ones to have a finished exactly on time.’ Alex Howells, referring to the Campaign to End Loneliness network learning conference on 20 January 2016, facilitated by Martin Farrell

‘I want to put on record as it were my appreciation for all you did for us – not only in the sensitive and upbeat handling in facilitating the meeting; but also for the detailed and meticulous preparation ahead of the 28th – such a vital component to its success. Thank you so much. As well as enabling us as trustees to have a much needed opportunity to mull things over in detail, ponder on learning, identify further issues to bottom out and draw a line and move on; I think it did more: it felt like some healing went on too.’ Comment by Chair of Trustees after Trustee meeting May 2015, London

‘While working with the British Council, I had the opportunity of attending two excellent seminars organized and conducted by Martin Farrell. Martin is a responsible and respected professional whose ability to deal with people is admirable.’ Virginia Garcia, formerly Director English Language Brazil, British Council, commenting on ‘Staff Summits' in 2011 and 2012 in Brazil

‘Dear Martin, It is a rare thing that I return from a conference or sector meeting feeling stimulated and full of a sense of possibility, but the combination of your facilitation and the beautiful setting of the Quaker Centre has achieved just that. You are the embodiment of the word facilitator – supporting attendees to express their own views and to coalesce those views opinions and ideas into useful and productive dialogue, moving people through the agenda with sensitivity and space for people to have their say, but at a pace that allows for the agenda to be followed and the outcome achieved. It was a real pleasure working with you today.’ Heather Mathew, Richmond CVS, Kingston Voluntary Sector, New Futures 1 Working with the new Administration, October 2014

‘It’s first time I get to know about professional moderator in international meeting and the important contribution they provide to a big event. The way you talk and the knowledge you share with us have been deeply impressed me.’ Lei Yuqing, EU China Trade Project after EUTCP ‘Standardisation’ event, Beijing, October 2012

‘Get2thepoint is exactly the right name for Martin's business. … Martin delivered the session within less than a week of receiving the original briefing. He arrived totally prepared, totally together and totally confident in his approach. That's even more impressive given that he had just spent three days travelling and come to us directly from the airport! … Working with him was like a breath of fresh air.’ Amy Hatton, Trustee, International Children’s Trust, following Board session March 2012

‘This was the best facilitated workshop I’ve ever been to.’ Sofia Fernandez Farquharson, Transparency International Argentina after Advocacy and Legal Advice Workshop, November 2009 Berlin

‘It was great. You took us through forming storming and norming – all in 6 hours...’ Norman McKinley Director, Northern Ireland and Isle of Man, British Red Cross, February 2009

‘Martin Farrell has a gift for investing a process with such significance that people put the past behind, focus on basic values and create a shared vision.’ Edgar Cahn, PhD, JD, Originator of Time Banking and Time Dollars, Founder Time Banks USA

‘A clear thinker and a great facilitator.’ Maeve Sherlock, Chief Executive commenting on Martin Farrell’s facilitation of the Refugee Council’s Strategic Planning process, 2004

‘It’s rare that a conference enthuses people as the Volunteering Summit did. The great facilitation by Martin meant that everybody felt they were engaged and involved, even in many instances excited. You can’t ask for more than that.’ Richard Sumray, Chair London 2012 Forum, commenting June 2005 Volunteering Summit at which 170 people worked on the volunteering strategy for the London 2012 Olympics successful bid to stage the 2012 Games

‘Well, as ever, you achieved miracles at our away day...’ Baroness Julia Neuberger referring to the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board Awayday, April 2009

‘I am positively delighted by it.’ Preety Bandari, Coordinator, Financial Technical Support Programme speaking at the end of retreat, September 2008

‘We achieved a lot more [from the retreat] than I expected.’ Feng Gao Director Legal Affairs Programme, UN Climate Change Secretariat, February 2008

‘Martin Farrell developed the programme and led us through it with great skill... We would recommend him wholeheartedly.’ Salwa Dallalah, Coordinator Conference Affairs Services, UN Climate Change Secretariat, June 2007

‘We’ve come further than I had ever hoped for... I am really stunned and surprised how far we got... I just feel grateful.’ Christa Pelikan, Institut für Rechts- und Kriminalsoziologie, Vienna, in her closing remarks at the end of the Restorative Justice seminar in Vienna June 2006, facilitated by Martin Farrell


‘Thank you for all your guidance and support. You helped me to come a really long way in this journey and I am still putting lots of your advice into practice.’ R.W. – coaching client 2018-2019 working within an international organisation

‘Thank goodness for ACEVO and get2thepoint.’ ‘You're a legend.’ ‘At the early stages of my crisis it was great just to know that you [Jenny Berry, Director of leadership & governance, ACEVO and Martin] were there and could provide an objective view, and then later the sheer level of support was far more than I had expected, particularly from Martin and his willingness to talk me down from a bad place at a moment's notice.’ ‘Martin has been behind me all the way and knowing he was there has given me such strength at difficult times. I may not have come out from a very dark place without him. Martin is a very good listener, has fantastic insight and wisdom, can describe and paint pictures with words that have huge meaning and help to unravel complex thoughts and emotions. I really don’t know how I would have coped without Martin’s input and I can’t thank you [ACEVO] and him enough for this fantastic service.’ ‘Martin is a very good listener, has fantastic insight and wisdom, can describe and paint pictures with words that have huge meaning and help to unravel complex thoughts and emotions. I really don’t know how I would have coped without Martin’s input and I can’t thank you [ACEVO] and him enough for this fantastic service.’ ‘It’s been a huge help to talk to someone impartial who understands the sector.’ ‘I was desperate and didn’t know where to turn. You and ACEVO have been fantastic.’ ‘I remember with appreciation and gratitude, the support you provided for me when I needed it most. Thank you!’ ‘I want to send you special thanks for your wonderfully wise and calm guiding hand through this difficult situation ... you joined me on the most difficult phase of my journey through life ... I could not have done it alone and it was of particular help to be able to call on you for your unbiased view and for your voice of experience.’ ‘I’m so grateful to you. Thank you very much.’ ‘Martin, you have been simply superb – I am not sure how I would have coped without your steadfast support and clear considered advice.’ ‘Your kind words, support and thoughts were with me throughout.’ ‘Martin provided support through ACEVO so that I could manage a particularly challenging set of circumstances effectively. He was focused, direct, kind and good humoured. There were lengthy periods when I did not need to talk to Martin; however it was very reassuring to know that his insightful and measured help was there if I needed to call upon it.’

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‘I was, as a member of ACEVO, given support by one of your consultants, Martin Farrell. I think without his support my mental state would have been far worse. He gave me the strength to fight and to at least stand my corner... I was given a redundancy package which I might not otherwise have got. Happily I am now with a new charity.’ ‘Martin Farrell contacted me immediately and was superb. He is practical and pragmatic, but also sensitive and empathetic. He understood the situation, rang regularly, accompanied me to a work meeting and – although I have now left the charity – recognises that the experience is not without its longer-term effects and has contacted me subsequently.’ ‘I couldn’t have done it [got through it] without you.’ ‘In my role as a CEO, Martin reached out to me when I was in a difficult place at work. My relationship with the Board Chair was breaking down and I was professionally very vulnerable and isolated. Martin’s calm, professional, pragmatic advice was critical in helping me gain clarity and develop a strategy to address my challenges and take the next steps under my own control. As my problem disappeared, Martin didn’t! He continues to reach out and maintain contact and has become more of a friend than a coach. I could not have asked for more during a very difficult period and I would not hesitate to recommend Martin as a coach or professional ‘guide’.’ Chief Executives’ comments on Acevo’s Supporting Chief Executives in Crisis service, provided by get2thepoint, 2003 to date


‘I’ve talked to several people, and they think that it was marvelous. Some were more specific: facilitation is marvelous, you were marvelous, they percieve you as wise and trustworthy person, you grabbed their attention and gave the spirit of fresh air and life. Things you proposed were engaging and interesting. Great that it was not another talk, but you used many channels to keep people interested – they said. If you remember the last round after Open Space, it was a man who said how much he was inspired by your presentation.’ Monika Gasienica, Trainer and Facilitator at Wszechnica, Krakow University after presentation to Learning Organisation (Co-responsibility and Cooperation) Conference, Krakow, June 2016

‘BA is the land of meetings! This was a refreshing, to the point and interactive session which has really made us think about using our time for meetings more productively and in some cases questioning our need for a meeting at all.’ ‘A well prepared, presented and superbly timed 'meeting' which gave us an opportunity as a group to share problems and helped us to find practical solutions.’ ‘Our thanks to Martin and Lois.’ Making Meetings Magic session with British Airways Internal Audit team, January 2009

‘This has been a life changing experience.’ Inderjit Kumar, Bristol – Comments from participants in the closing session (February 2009) of the nine month Leadership programme delivered by get2thepoint (for NCVO and funded by Barclays) in London Leeds and Bristol.

‘The course design and get2thepoint’s facilitation of the NCVO Barclays Leadership programme were deceptively simple, but highly skilled. Together they enabled participants to receive an appropriate amount and type of information and also to pick the brains of peers at each session to address "real" issues.’ Alison Haskins, Leeds – Comments from participants in the closing session (February 2009) of the nine month Leadership programme delivered by get2thepoint (for NCVO and funded by Barclays) in London Leeds and Bristol.

‘It was like a vitamin injection. The group got a good spirit and Mr Farrell really helped us a lot!’ Olav Unsgaard and the students of Globalverkstan, Sweden, 2006