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Good Leaders in Turbulent Times How to navigate wild waters at work

Publication 24th September 2024 - pre-order on Amazon

‘You have to write a book about it’ said a third sector Chief Executive I had been coaching. ‘You have coached so many leaders through hard times and have facilitated so many boards. Come on, you have to share it.’

That was the spark, in October 2016, that I needed. With a career of six decades in civil society, the time had come to share. I am completing the second manuscript and 'Good Leaders in Turbulent Times: How to navigate wild waters at work' will be published in September by the magnificent Practical Inspiration Publishing.

I knew that writing and publishing this idiosyncratic business book, packed with life-changing advice was not going to be easy. And it hasn’t been - but it’s a thrilling ride and invites all my creativity and fortitude - like when we’re in crisis. I know it will serve third sector leaders in the UK and worldwide and that’s why I am doing it.

‘Good Leaders in Turbulent Times: How to navigate wild waters at work’ is packed full of practical wise words (grouped as ‘Watch Out’, ‘Do This’ 'Remember This’) woven through the pages of true-to-life stories and-in-their-own words advice from leaders who have been through crisis and emerged stronger.. Act on the nuggets of advice which shines for you, and it will light your way.

The story of characters navigating their wild waters experiences mixes the fantastical with the mundane, troubling night happenings with waking life, all based on the real experiences of many (including me) . It will captivate leaders who have a short attention span and are in big bad trouble, are heading that way or are recovering.

It already has eight brilliant endorsements. The first one to arrive (March 2021) was from Sir Nick Young (former CEO of British Red Cross and Macmillan) who says ‘Every senior manager in the voluntary sector should have this book on their bedside table, for those nightmare times when it all seems to go horribly wrong‘ and ‘…this book is the real deal, and a priceless guide for those doing a challenging but incredibly worthwhile job, and who just want to do it better’. Nick has kindly agreed to write a Foreword for the book. All endorsements including from Jesper Christensen, BDB Pitmans LLP and CEOs including ACEVO, NCVO and the Association of Chairs ​here.

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