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The Generosity Tree

Live with generosity ... receive with gratitude ...

This is work in progress: see 'last updated' and 'emerging themes and ideas' at the bottom of this page

Imagine the day when giving and receiving with gratitude and generosity are at the core of the economy, alongside the economy based on money. People are ever more willing to give, and ever more open to receive.

Those who receive, feel gratitude and are more willing to give forward. Giving money is good, giving your time is great. Fuelled by gratitude, the spirit of generosity spirals throughout civil society. Giving is, indeed, 'twice blessed'.

Act generously

Know what you would love to give: your knowledge, your skill, your presence. What generous gift would nourish you when you give it? Give just enough - enough for you and enough for them. Consider giving the recipient of your generosity an ‘innervoice’ to help them remember what they have received.

An innervoice?

If you supply a service or a thing, you would send an invoice: ‘please pay x amount of money’. An innervoice is similar but is simply your statement of what you have generously given.

You send an innervoice with no expectation of return (unlike an invoice which you expect to be paid). But the recipient may feel some gratitude and may be moved to be generous to someone else. And if they are generous to someone else the generosity tree grows innervoice encourages more acts generously.

We have designed some beautiful innervoices and, while we are finalising the generosity tree website, we will gladly mail one to you for your use.

Receive with gratitude

Acknowledge what you have received. Notice if you feel grateful, maybe helped by the innervoice you have received. Then if you feel so inclined, express your gratitude by acting generously to someone.

My acts of generosity

I am open to helping you if you are building a more civil society, which is decent and fair in which we all live together well. If you can pay me money that's fine, but if you really can't manage, I could assist you anyway and we will grow generosity trees together. 

If you need my skill and knowledge as a facilitator or as a crisis coach, contact me.

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