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Live Well, Die Wise: a circle of deep listening

Expanding the circle

We are born, we do stuff, we die. Not only that, but our ancestors were born, did stuff and died and so will those who follow us. This obvious existential truth is the holding frame for the Live Well Die Wise gatherings which started in 2019.

Within this frame, together, we listen to the moment in which we each find ourselves - today, now.

This ‘moment’ may be a life transition of some sort: a relationship change, a personal or global health crisis, a big professional decision, our reaction to disruptions such as the climate emergency, or maybe we find ourselves wondering how many more seasons we have left. Or perhaps this 'moment' may also be one of inner peace and joy wanting to be shared.

We perceive what is happening now to be an existential moment for us. We have a nagging sense that there is more to life than this, that what has been, no longer fits. Something else awaits, but we don't yet know what. Yet we do know we have a choice about how we face this moment.

This moment is also touched by the rich joys and deep sorrows, maybe also the trauma of our ancestors all of which we carry within us, every day. Although our ancestors’ voices mostly lie hidden from us, they can be called upon to encourage and guide us at times of life transition. That may be tough. But it can also be enlightening for us and those who follow on us.

We are currently a group of four. Together, we have experienced the power of deep listening from 2019 in Live Well Die Wise sessions including groups sessions of up to eight people in four gatherings of two hours over two months . We four continue to meet regularly and are now thinking about how the Live Well Die Wise listening circle might develop.

We are open to gradually and thoughtfully expanding the circle which is a safe holding space inviting curiosity and deep listening. Up to now we have been meeting once a month.

Each single person who joins, will bring their own story, struggles and smiles and will renew and enrich the circle as it evolves.

If what you read here strikes a chord with you, please contact any one of us who will arrange a time to speak with you. It all starts with a conversation...

Susanne Conrad (Germany), Martin Farrell (UK), Patricia Koster (Netherlands) Ramey Rieger (US and Germany)

Live Well Die Wise is one of several initiatives flowing from the ‘Virtual Listening Campus’ which was part of the Societal Transformation Lab, Presencing Institute 2018-19.

(Update February 2023)

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